As You Make Your Bed...

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High-yield cows are supposed to rest for at least 12 hours a day. Only sufficient rest will allow their metabolism to produce 30 l of milk. The following requirements must be met:

  • The lying area must be soft, warm and dry.
  • The cubicle is supposed to guide and restrict the cow in its lying position while giving the cow just enough room so that it will gladly step into the cubicle.
  • The cow must not be hindered by any tubes from lying down and getting back up.

Pressure points will cause pain and stress and must be avoided by choosing the right size, shape and construction of the cubicle.

The floor coverings offered by Arntjen meet the highest standards and allow your cows to perform at their best. What is more, Arntjen floor coverings are of the highest quality and offered at a fair price. We deliver products of different qualities and material thickness. Each cow will have the lying area that is best for it. It is our pleasure to advise you.