A Good Feeling

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This is what it was like in the past: In a stanchion barn housing 40 cows on a farm run by a sprightly grandpa, all cows are and brushed individually and all tails are washed and combed on a regular basis. This turned the herd of cattle into a feast for one's eyes to be beheld on a Sunday visit. The situation is diametrically different today. Apart from being important to the hygiene that must be kept during milking, the cleanliness of the animals also indicates that the following criteria are observed with consistency:

  • Range of Brushes
  • Design of the Lying Box
  • Stable Climate
  • Feeding And Range of Waterers
  • Cleanliness of the Gangways
  • Stress-Free Animal Husbandry

A clean cow is a visual indicator of good dairy production management. Our brushes have proven themselves in real-world applications for more than 10 years. Our survey winner sets itself apart by its

  • long service life
  • high brush quality
  • reliable operation
  • resale ratio of 100%

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