Constant Dripping...

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As any other animal, a dairy cow needs food and water in order to produce milk. Although water is clearly the more affordable resource, it is just as important as milk since, after all, milk contains no less than 87% water! Although we spend a lot of time and effort rationing feed, performing analyses and calculations, and engage in targeted feeding: do you actually know the quality of your water? Are germ concentration, cleanliness, temperature and the substances contained in the water under control? Is the access to water ensured for your animals at all times? Do you know how much water your cows consume?

We can provide you with optimized watering systems and accessories. Our stainless steel waterers meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. Whether you select quick flow troughs, comfort watering troughs including or excluding a heating system: the use of an Arntjen stainless steel waterer lays the foundation for the highest possible milk yield.

Click here for an interesting article on the use of waterers in the cowshed (approx. 0.2 MB).