Arntjen LED-Light®

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Arntjen LED-Light®

Cattle barns underwent a great deal of modernization over the last few years both in terms of design and equipment. However, there is one area that has remained largely unaffected: lighting technology.

The new LED-TRIPLEX-LAMP represents a major leap forward as far as providing the best possible lighting conditions!

It is now sufficient to install one row of lamps in barns with a width of up to 35 m! The flexible settings of the LED-TRIPLEX-LAMP make it possible to light the illuminated area much more evenly than with conventional lamps.

What is more, ARNTJEN-LED-TRIPLEX-LAMPS can also be dimmed down.
When used in night mode, approx. 70% of the lamps can be switched off by means of the ARNTJEN-LED-Control-Box. The remaining 30% of the lamps will be dimmed down to 20%, creating "nighttime" illumination.

Other benefits:
• Savings in energy, maintenance costs, etc. of up to approx. 70%.
• At 50,000 hours of operation, the lamps offer an astounding useful life
• LED light does not attract flies.
• LED lamps are exceptionally robust!



ARNTJEN-LED-LIGHT® a money-saving investment!